The Path Of You...

What has been done, to you.
Has been done for a reason.
From where I'm stood, the view.
Reminds me of hope.
A promise is made, in good faith.
It means everything.
You mean more, to me each day.
And you could, mean everything.


Blogger BD said...

I should have maybe called it 'The Path To You...'?

Changing times,
Change my ways.
Days of time has been lost.
I wish I could change the rules,
To the precious games...

Blogger just thinking said...

When hope
Renews the mind,
Rules unspoken
Cannot bind.
Not time lost,
But meaning made.
The path to you --
Is daily laid.

Blogger just thinking said...

If each step in my path has led me to the one we can walk together.. It is worth it. You are the one who turned on the light, who brought the sun, and made the rainbow possible. Thank you for every wonderful moment.


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