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Underneath The Leaves (Continued)...

Our Moment, JT / BD 2006

Our Moment Was Made...


Was the first word from her mouth, I'm not sure how much she said to herself before or what her eyes said as they found me. But as I turned to look at her, I saw the whites of her eyes, the familiar white surrounding the dreamy silky green irises. The curve of her jaw, my mind thought she is beautiful; more beautiful than I had thought. A smile grew slowly to her face, just a small nervous smile. I walked toward her, got in front of her; I was filled with her smell, a soft fresh floral smell. I asked the predictable, how was the flight. We were like the string section of an orchestra setting up, so much talent in a state of awkward strumming in preparation for the movement. I didn't know what to ask, but I had to ask something, something to hear her voice in my ear again. I motioned toward her, we held each other. Her frame tucked neatly under mine, the feeling so right, the fit so right. Our noses touching, our cheeks pressed, my mouth closed but pressed to the side of her neck. Our first kiss, such a tender embrace; a delicate introduction. Where all I could hear was the sweetest feeling of the electricity when her beautiful little mouth placed themselves gracefully on mine. My breaths filling my lungs with her scent; each touch of her soft skin, filling me with happiness in completion I always felt with her. My shakes calming fear from breaks taming. The lines in the sky from our travels faded, our line together hand in hand began. I took her case and led her to the elevator we were destined for.

Floor -1...

In what was thirty seconds I looked at her, found her freckles, her dimples; I captured her details. The ticking of the seconds was a strong bass beat in my head. I saw her look in my eyes, a look not a glance we shared without expression. My insides were skipping. I was worried but excited, calm but nervous. The train we were aimed for wasn't at the platform, in our waiting she sat in rest I kneeled to touch her, my hands on her knees, my eyes in hers. She stood with me, my arms around her and her arms on my waist - not unlike the movies in the fifties the embrace on the platform. As our train arrived, the familiar sound of the tracks being traversed and as we boarded, she was still distracting me; my concentration on her, the soloist; making my controlling of the luggage somewhat clumsy. We sat, together, entwined; she rested on my chest my arms around her, my smile pressed against her. The women diagonally across where smiling to us, a communication that filled me with confidence. I watched her reflection in the glass as she watched the passing scenery. I grew anxious in the silence, unsure of her thoughts and unsure how to voice my own. Her strokes of my hands reassuring me, my desire to speak all the things I'd thought over the months choked by her beauty of perfection. My looking at her was looking in her, seeing she was an adagio of finer penning than that of any composer; taking in all she is, it was a look with no venal qualities for I was peeking at her altruistic innards.

The peaceful interlude ended as we arrived at the station headed for our next train, the bustling was a rhythm-less percussion; like the start to Pyramid by the Modern Jazz Quartet. I led her; I checked she was progressing with me, I made sure she was ok, that she was managing with the luggage. When we got to point of queuing, we stood together, close, she touched me, I touched her, I felt calm, an ease I had missed. It was what she had always been to me. Amongst the busy we were alone, together. In that instant our eyes, our minds and our skin shared another moment. She prompted me to keep my place in the queue, we fitted together right there. So many people would say it was nothing, it was typical, it'll happen every time we are in a queue and I don’t pay attention to stay close to the individual in front of me – but it was just that it was a 'normal' running of things, sometimes the most ordinary things are extraordinary. I was finding myself in a chorus of these ordinary things she makes extraordinary, she is extraordinary. After negotiating a number of flights of stairs with this case and this arm, we were at another platform. We reached another stage; we spoke, of nothing in particular and the words she voiced all so special; she was just talking to me. Like we had for all those months, those overlapping days, those countless hours but she was speaking to me. We joked of me picking the wrong platform, I was confident but her laugh is such a beautiful sound I was happy to play the joke. On the tube, we stood across. I watched her; I made my arm available to save her balance. I found her in all my sights. She looked to the outside, I don't know if she felt my eyes on her. I was captured, that song she had played for so long, I could hear, it wasn't rapid eye movement; it was there in front of me – loud and clear. I could count the bars, when she looked back at me; I felt the change in note. Something she chimed in me allowed my smiles through, she holds my keys. Even in the tunnel, I could understand she was the light that reached into my heart and soul. I was at the end. We were at the start...


Yellow (Continued Past Shades)...

Jaune, BD 2006


Sometimes I'm half
Sometimes I'm whole
Sometimes a slice
Is all you'll know
Sometimes I'm light
Sometimes I'm dark
Sometimes I'm both

Brightest In A World Made Mostly Of Light...

I'm sorry I just can't help myself, I wish I could move more in time with you...

A World Of Light, BD 2006 [REVISION]



I'll be taking all my chances
When I see you crossing the floor
I watch you step and turn
Like a knife through the water
If you ask me what I want to do
All I want is to dance with you

Comfort Column (Continued)...

Slice, BD 2006


And when the day is through
Each night I hurry too
A home where love waits
I know, I guess
I'm just a lucky so and so...
- Louis Armstrong / I'm Just A Lucky So And So


She Is My Melody...


Madness / It Must Be Love

If I Could I'd Pause Time And Look At Your Reflection Till All The Mirrors Had Evaporated I Would...

2215, Vui 2006


Interim Update...

I would say I was wrong when I said she was special, but I wouldn't know the word to define how special she is...

Saving Hearts...

It has become the melody
I cannot play enough for you
I always want to be saving you
Touching you within
Stroking you with
The strumming acoustic
Feeling the beat of your heart


Flight: Climbed (Climbing Past The Peak), BD 2006

First Steps...

Turning keys
Binding the links
Speaking in signals
Dreaming in colour


Turning Our Leaf...

Leaf, BD 2006


This is the hour when the mysteries emerge
A strangeness so hard to reflect
A moment so moving goes straight to your heart
Condition that’s never been met
The attraction is held awake deep inside
Something I’ll never forget...
– Joy Division / Komakino

Brighter Than Sunshine...

Under the high of day
Shadows fly across the wall
No matter if it rains
Something so sweet is bright
I don't know, what to offer you now
If all I am is broke and lonely


Smallest Momentums Can Have The Largest Movements...

FAC 137, I-ON 1979

In The Soar...

Spread your wings and
We'll be gone
Look high and to beyond
These movements we find
Just measuments in time


Long Shadows, DO / BD 2005 [REVISION]



The feeling is florid, fervent and kept in the fathomless within me. It is not fleeting...


Elegance: Rhythm Of Her Melody, BD 2005 [REVISION]

Beginning To See (Visions Continued)...

My eyes have lifted
From seeing today
and tomorrow
To seeing the years
and beyond
– Just Thinking

My heart has filled
For seeing a melody
To hearing the light
Of your beauty


A Part Of Me And A Part Of You...

Mixing In Links, BD 2006

Shining Shelter...

After days in the dark
A light broke through
It was beautiful to see you
Sink in the warmth of you
Morning tinted in
The night faded out

Blood (Continued)...

Reds, Compilation 2005



My love still flows
Moving around
And round
With little winds
You hold me
With a treble of sound

Lasting Effects...

Kelly, MIT 2005


All I need, all I want
Things could be easy
All I am, all I see
Everything that I do
Is what I give to you
All the things that you are
Is what you give to me


I See You Everyday...

Untitled, BD 2006

Heading Into Our Distance Together (Chapter 2)...

The warmth of the sun, it feels healing
Warming the cold in my mind
An ocean of space sends me reeling
Easing my passage through time
Leaving it all behind


Untitled, BD 2006 [REVISION]


Everytime I Close My Eyes...

I'd stop the day
So we could share the stars
If in time I can't stay
I want you to continue my song
I try to say - I miss you tonight
But the truth is you know

In The Bind (They Could Bind)...

What will we find
Shadows left behind
And when the day is done
All colours left to run
Thoughts are set in mind
I picture what I find

Heading Into Our Distance Together (Chapter 1)...

Cool of the shade feels relieving
Cracks that appear in my hide
The key to the day is withstanding
The Kingdoms that fall and rise
Leaving them all behind



Lifting, BD 2006

Pushed From The Tree...

Please remember
To let me down gently
Got burnt three degrees
Never learnt my lesson
But forgive me please

Just Another Nothing...

Another end, another day
Another doldrum, another beginning
Another way of viewing things
Where there is nothing
And everything to see
And so, on



Strength/Support/Structure, BD 2005


My ambition got cast aside
When the batteries died
I have no demands you must abide
All I want is you, by my side

Amber (Continued)...

Settling, BD 2006



I'll shelter you and let the rain hit my face
I'll protect you and bleed from every vain
I'll comfort you and sit out on the stones
I'll love you and carry any broken bones


You've been the water washing the pain away
You've been the map guiding the way
You've been the light in the dark
You've been the colour in the feature

Minus The Boardroom...

There will be no hesitation
There will be no confrontation
There will be signs of indication
And plenty justification
Hidden exaltation



Closer, Peter Saville 1980


I need some protection
Some love and affection
Lost in a sea of conjunction
Struggling without function

Watching The Changes...

Enjoying Our Seasons, BD 2006


Windows Without Blinds...

Looking at you through these eyes
My feelings, I could never disguise
My only need, to improvise
A new delight, only, for your eyes...